Being a Photographer in Springfield Massachusetts

Being a Photographer in Springfield Massachusetts

Being a photographer in Springfield, Massachusetts is the best of many worlds. The market is medium-sized, even though we have some large companies and host an annual inter-national basketball event. We have a great minor league hockey team and are also within an easy drive of a dozen other professional franchises. Springfield and the surrounding area is pretty much the definition of idyllic New England scenery, yet Springfield has an urban core and is close to Hartford, Boston, and New Haven.

In 2010, Springfield was named the “4th Greenest City” in America and was the largest city in the top 10. We boast one of the biggest urban parks (Forest Park) in the country. During the holiday season, when the green of the city gives way to winter, the park turns into a spectacle of lights with Bright Nights. Forest Park is a great venue for taking a Senior Portrait and it’s not uncommon to see a wedding party in the rose garden being followed by a photographer.

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The best part of any city is its people and Springfield, Massachusetts is wonderfully diverse, in this regard. Not only are we ethnically diverse we’re also fortunate to be nestled in the midst of 18 colleges and universities with a combined population of around 100,000 students. Not only does this mean the area is culturally rich, it also means we have some great restaurants. If you can think of a nationality, it’s fair to say there is a restaurant serving authentic fare from that region.

Being central to so much, yet being able to call Springfield my home, is a wonderful thing.

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