Cracking the (lens) case

Cracking the (lens) case

Many years ago I broke a Sigma 18-300mm F3.5-6.3. It snapped off at the base and I was not very thrilled. I really liked the feel of the lens and had not yet tasted the luxury of high-end glass. In Sigmas defense, my camera fell and hit some weightlifting equipment pretty hard. I don’t think the lens was designed for that.

I’ve kept the lens laying around my office since. I knew that someday I’d get around to “doing something” with it. My wife calls it hoarding but that’s beside the point.

I chose to break out my tiny screwdrivers and deconstruct the thing. From the comfort of my couch I unscrewed and took some photos with my iPhone with a little help from my Olloclip

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  1. lens not only captures beauty but is beautiful itself! thankyou for these photos!

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