When you aren’t planning on shooting a head shot, improvisation is key. I had “nothing” in the way of light modifiers to use. Fortunately, I did happen to have my ST-E2 along with its Speedlight companion. The ST-E2 was critical in getting my flash off the camera, it’s so small it usually goes in my camera bag whether I intend to use it or not.

Improvised head shot setup

Farzana was just being funny “pretending” to be impatient.

The next challenge was to wrap and soften the light. Choosing a corner where I could bounce off the blinds was key. Luckily there was a waste basket just eager to get into the photo business. Again, keeping the flash on the cameras hot-shoe and trying to bounce wouldn’t have worked nearly as well. It would have been less flattering to the subject and at most angles I would have had to deal with glare.

I metered for the background and shot this in manual mode. It was a very bright day so I dropped a few stops in order to have her stand out better. Not bad for a photo that wasn’t planned.

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  1. to successfully improvise is to be a great craftsman – meaning it really isn’t improvisation. You’re prepared for anything that can happen on your shoots.

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