Be prepared

Be prepared

I happen to be a personal hydration enthusiast. In other words I drink a lot of water. I also happen to be an paranoid incessant planner. It’s safe to say I like to be prepared.

Yesterday I was assigned to photograph a WNBA Fit clinic. As is my typical course of action I arrive (a minimum of) 30 minutes early. I consider getting there early “being on time.” It took a while (and a call to my contact) to find where, in a very large park, the clinic was being held. I beat the video crew there which is generally a good watermark for success in NBAE event arrival time.

It was around then it occurred to me that I had a pretty fair amount of water (and energy drink) on the ride in. Where we were in the park there were no facilities. I took a moment to scout around a bit before the folks I was supposed to shoot would arrive. The picture above is what I found. For a moment I thought about “righting the ship” but that probably would have been a mistake. I wasn’t comfortable leaving for the sake of relieving so I decided I could make it the next 2 hours.

I’d like to thank my bladder for being there for me and also Yelp for helping me find a McDonald’s less than a mile away. Next time I’ll find the pit stop before I arrive.



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  1. I see plenty of trees back there, fella! As long as no one sees, you won’t get cited for exposure in a public park. 🙂

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