Senior Portraits 2013 Part II

Senior Portraits 2013 Part II

My second 2013 Senior Portrait shoot was with Jay. He wasn’t overly excited about having pictures done. It wasn’t a negative attitude on his part, just a calm, cool indifference.

He had no idea what kind of photo he wanted to end up with so I did kind of a quick interview with him. He plays a lot of sports but doesn’t have a favorite (aside from whatever season it might be.)

It’s Fall, so we concluded we’d go for a football themed shot, probably using uprights in the background. A local park has two fields perpendicular to each other which (in theory) would give us a lot of choice in terms of the direction of sunlight. Upon arrival one field was directly in line with the sunset. I couldn’t have Jay looking into the sun and while I could have had his back to the sun there was an ugly temporary orange fence just beyond the end zone which was unpalatable to me.

The second field had (semi-permanent) soccer goals in place which kind of limited our angles. We began to shoot with the upright on a diagonal bias about thirty yards in the background when the evening sky started to do its magic.

I told Jay we had to move to take advantage of what Mother Nature was doing. I moved my single Speedlite 580EX II (triggered by PocketWizards and bouncing into a Westcott 20″ collapsible softbox) to midfield to minimize background clutter. I metered off of a tree in the distance to get a starting aperture and shutter speed.

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  1. Would you say students have more freedom in how they pose for senior portraits these days? I think about not only my senior class pics, but years before. We never got to sit with footballs or guitars or anything that defined our personalities.

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