An uninspired photographer in Manhattan

An uninspired photographer in Manhattan

Manhattan is one of my favorite places to photograph. So, how you ask, could I be an uninspired photographer in my happy photo place?

It was a family getaway weekend, my interest was in being with them and enjoying the city. Having my camera with me was habit and frankly, you (I) just don’t go to NYC without your camera. I saw nothing to shoot, nothing worth busting out the burden camera and detracting from the fun we were having.

Filtered for fun

That was until I looked up while taking a rest on a bench while my son explored the Apple store. It was the photo that had to be taken, very likely exactly what the architect of the space has been waiting for all these years. I joke because, no doubt, there are probably countless other similar renditions of it but this one is mine.

If you’re looking for a photo to present itself, you have to give it a fighting chance. Stop and turn around. Look back, up, and across your surroundings.

When I’m on a photo shoot/safari/vacation I will often stop in my tracks and simply turn around. This is especially important if you’ve never been on that street or path. You have no idea what was hidden from view, or what difference context what you did see may then be in. It really is amazing and when you’ve done it a few times you’ll be reminded to do it more often.

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  1. Just goes to show if you stop and really look around you, there are many good pictures waiting to be taken. 🙂

  2. I definitely think this is true. The other thing I think is possible is to just shoot EVERYTHING. Then at least something will come up, because you’re already in the habit of looking. But often, I agree, just looking and waiting for something, is rarely the way to go.

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